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Packaged primary unit with thermodynamic heat recovery



Via Camp Lonc, 25







Packaged air conditioning

Meridiana - Multipurpose Complex | Lecco - Italy

Designed by the famous architect Renzo Piano, the "Centro Meridiana" complex covers more than fifty thousand square metres in the heart of Lecco. This multipurpose complex hosts a large park and a circular town square surrounded by three ten-storey buildings given over to residences, offices, housing, tourist and service facilities. The lower level hosts a shopping centre and two thousand parking spaces.

The air-conditioning in the various settings of the three towers occurs through radiating ceilings combined with air refreshment and humidity control systems. The ceiling hydronic circuits are powered by the Clivet 4P-W geothermal system for an automatic and concurrent production of hot fluid, cold fluid and hot water for sanitary use.
The 4P system is based on energy saving water-to-water pumps, whose commutation takes place via the hydraulic circuit and not by acting on the cooling circuit overall, therefore taking advantage of the global reliability of the plant. The underlying natural ground water energy sources are used in full respect of the regulations laid down by the local Authorities.

Universitad de Murcia - School | Murcia - Spain

Escala Yacht Club - Multi-functional building | Girona - Spain

Located in the middle of the complex, the Escala Yacht Club multi-functional building includes many services both for its members and for its guests. This is the location where all types of meetings and events in the nautical and marine sector take place .

To grant the highest functional autonomy, two installations have been supplied, both hydronic type with air to water reversible heat pumps, two pipes terminals and fresh air units with active thermodynamic heat recovery.
The heat pump for the pub and restaurant installation includes Scroll R410A compressor, Ice Protection System device to protect the external exchanger during winter and water circulator integrated with variable speed, a standard solution also for the external fan.

The cassette type terminals include a centrifugal type condensate discharge pump and the integrated distribution of the air through the four ways with adjustable wings.
The same solution for the multi-functional room, where the terminals are of vertical type, placed at the end of the room to directly supply the air.

Caselle Center - Shopping mall | Caselle Torinese - Italy

“Caselle Center" shopping centre is located in northern Italy, near Turin. It includes the Bennet hypermarket, the Bennet Universe consumer electronics superstore and a mall with many specialised shops.

To achieve the goal of both integration and energy efficiency, Bennet chose the Water Loop Heat Pump air conditioning plant, based on the WLHP system from Clivet. Each unit is served by one or more water-to-air heat pumps. Each of them has individual operation and is able to heat, cool or ventilate the premises according to the specific needs.

The heat pumps are all connected to the loop circuit. It remains at neutral temperature as to the rooms served and therefore does not require insulation, except for short outdoor paths. The loop circuit allows the energy transfer between areas with opposite thermal requirement. This often occur in winter, when the mall has to be heated while most shops require internal cooling.

Larger environments, such as hypermarket, anchors and mall, are served by rooftop packaged heat pumps. Thanks to the automatic free cooling feature, in mild weather the premises can be cooled without the activation of the compressors.

CONÈ - Shopping mall | Veneto - Italy

The Conè shopping centre, promoted and managed by IGD, represents an important investment inside an economically vibrant and dynamic area. It includes an Ipercoop hypermarket and a shopping mall with strongly attractive national and international brands.

A reverse cycle heat pump design was chosen for the whole centre. It is based on the Clivet WLHP solution, with thermodynamic recovery systems on the exhaust air. The water loop is made by two PVC variable flow circuits, to serve the shopping mall and the hypermarket. The total water volume is 50.000 litres.
The mall is served by water-to-air rooftop reversible heat pumps, complete of outdoor air management, Freecooling and integrated thermodynamic recovery on the exhaust air.

The fresh air to the stores is centralized and is supplied by two Clivet air-to-air systems with thermodynamic heat recovery. Furthermore every store is equipped with one or more water-to-water ducted heat pumps, under each tenant’s responsibility. Dedicated outdoor air systems with thermodynamic recovery serve also the offices, conditioned by a reversible water-to-water heat pump and 2-pipes hydronic ceiling cassettes, and the toilets.



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