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As the design of healthy buildings is becoming a dominant topic across the industry, a new rating system, called WELL Building Standard, is about to be officially launched in Italy on October 18 and 19.

Health and Wellness are today key requirements in buildings. We spend about 90% of our time indoors, and our built environment impacts our health more than lifestyle, medical care and genetics. For companies, investing in people and helping to improve their physical and mental health is common sense: 90% of corporate expenses are tied to salary and benefits, which means the ROI (return of investment) of healthier and happier employees extends to cost-savings too.

On October 19, the Wellference, a one-day conference dedicated to Health and Wellness in buildings and cities, will take place in Milan, at the Rosa Grand Hotel. Aim of the event is to introduce in Italy the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI™) and its WELL Building Standard™, and to start a proactive discussion among Italian and Mediterranean Stakeholders (i.e. investors, property managers, architects, interior designers and consultants). The conference is promoted by APTA VITAE and Manens-Tifs s.p.a.
Rick Fedrizzi, CEO and Chairman of IWBI (and former CEO and founder of U.S. Green Building Council) along with Kay Killmann, Managing Director of GBCI™ Europe, Alfonso Senatore, CEO of Ongreening, will be among the keynote speakers of the exceptional conference.

The debate will be preceded by an exclusive one-day education session on WELL Building Standard™, led by IWBI’s Jessica Cooper, Chief Commercial Officer at the International WELL Building Institute, and hosted at the Rosa Grand Hotel on Wednesday 18th of October.

The latter will offer industry professionals the opportunity to learn how design and construction strategies to create healthy buildings, and gain a good understanding of the new standard, the certification process and case studies. This education session will also allow LEED APs and WELL APs to gain 6 CE hours, as part of their CMP.

To register a place to the WELL education session visit Eventbrite
Book your FREE ticket today to attend the conference at the conference website


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