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Reimagine one of the New York City’s most remarkable landmark and win a $15,000 cash prize. In connection to Architecture 2030 Challenge the Metals in Construction magazine launches a very interesting architectural ideas competition asking you to rethink the retrofitting of existing buildings in a sustainable matter.

More and more people are making a commitment to the Architecture 2030 Challenge to radically reduce energy consumption in the built environment and help solve the world’s climate crisis. Retrofitting existing buildings to save energy is a key part of the challenge, but presents a particular dilemma: To meet these aggressive environmental goals, architects must strike a balance between preserving what is architecturally significant and integrating components that offer higher energy performance. This can be especially challenging when it involves recladding the enclosure, since no other single improvement has greater potential for reducing a building’s energy consumption or transforming its appearance.

200 Park Avenue (MetLife building): ideas competitions

Architects, engineers, students, designers, and others from all over the world are invited to submit their vision for recladding 200 Park Avenue (formerly the Pan Am Building), one of the New York City’s most iconic building. Design proposals must consider resource-conserving and eco-friendly measures, in order to create a highly efficient envelope with the lightness and transparency sought by today’s office workforce while preserving and enhancing the aesthetic of its heritage. This is an ideas competition, so you are not required to produce exact working drawings, just evocative visualizations.

The most innovative, energy efficient, and aesthetically integrated solution will be awarded a $15,000 cash prize.
Deadline: February 1, 2016.

The competition jury includes Fiona Cousins (Arup), Ben Tranel (Gensler), Billie Faircloth (Kieran Timberlake), Areta Pawlynsky (Heintges), Sameer Kumar (SHoP), Hauke Jungjohann (Thornton Tomasett) and Peter Arbour (Vidaris).

For further info, including competition brief, specific design guidelines, building data, etc., visit Metals in Construction magazine


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