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A number of entrepreneurs in the hospitality sector is fine-tuning their businesses to promote sustainability and wellbeing. Angie Pajak tells us about her ongoing project with Reif Othman. Let’s learn what Reif is doing to transform his restaurant in safer and environmentally-friendly spaces for his customers and his team

I have been working with Reif since beginning of 2020 which as we all know is not an easy year for anyone especially in hospitality sector. His first restaurant, Reif Kushiyaki, was doomed to success. About one trillion single-use plastic bags are used annually across the globe. That’s nearly 2 million every minute. More than half a billion plastic straws are used every day around the world. But you won’t find plastic straw at Reif’s place neither plastic bottle or plate.

His care for quality and the natural environment always goes hand in hand. Moreover, all his pro-environmental activities are not only a marketing tool – Chef Reif is a walking example of his actions.

He is indeed change maker. In his concepts you can find 3Q – quality of space, quality of water and quality of lifestyle. If you prefer quantity over quality go straight to fast food and buy huge meal full of empty calories, if you wish to enjoy quality even with small appetizer go to Singaporean’s sustainable space and be a part of game changers who take part in rebuilding metropolic tissue.


Last scientific study shows clearly that air quality and COV-19 cases and mortality are directly related. 
In Reif’s space you are protected by technology which improves air quality as well as harmony in the indoor space. This way you can relax and enjoy your meal without thinking of virus. It shows as well that Chef Reif cares not only about his customers but as well about his TEAM.
The effects of radiation on nervous tissues have been a subject of active investigation since changes in animal behaviour and nerve electrical properties were first reported in the Soviet Union during the 1950s and 1960s. RF radiation is reported to affect isolated nerve preparations, the central nervous system, brain chemistry and histology, and the blood-brain barrier.”


Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health has published a study confirming that toilet water can spread COVID.
“Let’s be clear,” said Allen. “When you flush the toilet, you’re breathing in toilet water, and whatever is in that toilet water—including viruses and bacteria.” These “bioaerosols” can also spread around the room, linger in the air, and settle onto surfaces in the bathroom, creating the potential for transmission.

What about tap water than? At Reif’s both Reif Kushiyaki and KUSHI by Reif you can feel safe as Chef is using the most advanced water technology based on quantum physics which increase immunity of water itself, creating an environment which is not friendly for harmful pathogens – this way fungus, bacteria, viruses, radioactivity cannot develop in water. More than that you avoid plastic poisoning.  – WHO has released report showing that more than 93 % of plastic bottle waters contain micro plastics.

“Some of these particles are so incredibly small that they can actually make their way across the gastro-intestinal tract, across the lining and be carried throughout the body, and we don’t know the implications of what that means on our various organs and tissues.”

The UK’s Food Standards Agency said it was unlikely that the levels of micro plastic reported in the bottles of water could cause harm but it added that, “it would assess any emerging information concerning micro plastics in food and drink”

Every year, the hospitality industry creates millions of tons of avoidable waste globally. While conspicuous consumption is the hallmark of the industry, leaders of the industry have come to the realization that it cannot go on forever.


During lockdown period we have been using devices almost round the clock. Exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields has increased dramatically. We stay all day long on the computer, having phone calls, zooms calls and most of our professional life online plus browsing social media in private time. None of it is healthy. We regularly lower our immunity by staying constantly in men-made EMI field. We use our mobile phone, tablets, computers and many more devices 24 hours a day. Still we can do both use high technology and protect our health. That is next example of Chef Reif initiative – he is using himself passive antena for his mobile phone – his family members do the same and he urges you to follow the same path.

Reif is creating well-being space in his car, at his home and in his work place. By staying with him you can be assured that you are supporting your resilience and the environment. His Restaurant is the first space worldwide to be recognized with SUSTAIN TM Hospitality Certificate.



The integrity of this initiative lies in the fact that we not only implemented sustainable solutions in the Reif Kushiyaki Restaurant, which is now an example for others, but the Reif Othman – the owner and main Chef himself went a step further and covered the project with his car that has an impact on the environment, but also decided to give the opportunity to his clients to protect their health in his place and once they leave.

So the project includes restaurants as a public place showing their sustainable approach to others, then a workplace where employees value sustainable solutions and the boss’s approach then transfer it to their private lives, finally the owner himself also makes sustainable choices outside his premises and manifests this through his social media and other channels of interaction with people and professionals in his field – leading by example.


Reif has been working to create his restaurant concept taken all steps to eliminate plastic, providing top-quality tap water, as well as reusable straws. Then, a further holistic upgrade was implemented via the GreenTECH by AQUAcell’s industry-recognised technology, aimed at providing protection against electromagnetic smog, from his car to his restaurant areas.

He shared this information and made a positive response from other chefs. The next step was the implementation of our innovative water-technology, thanks to which we reduce the consumption of water treatment agents. Then we marked the place as a wellbeing space but also a place where you can drink structural tap water.

The next step is to present the results of water to the owner of the Al Wasl Mall where the restaurant is located and DM as proof of improved water quality in the hospitality sector which goes together with Dubai Vision 2021 to eliminate plastic waste.


The impact of the introduction of an integrated vision and technology covers many circles, from individuals, employees, environmental impact, developers, other restaurant owners to government regulations that can improve the functioning of the entire sector and reduce its negative impact on the environment and climate change.
We also increase the awareness of ordinary consumers but also professionals who share information, increasing the range of good practices.


Reif Othman has become the Pioneer in the MENA Region and entire hospitality industry. His attitude as a leader has set an example for others to undertake practices from his own home through the vehicle we are moving to the workplace – a sustainable approach begins with ourselves. He as a public figure and undoubtedly appreciated has a huge impact on the decisions made by hundreds and even thousands of people in UAE and outside of the country.

Opening his next restaurant in London he will undoubtedly bring his sustainable practices to the UK giving the example that was born in the Middle East first – so not only he is going to be recognized as a sustainable leader but entire UAE.


Reif as himself award-winning authority joined GreenTCH by AQUAcell team as hospitality consultant and he shares knowledge with other professionals, as well as environmental information on its communication channels. In addition, restaurant employees also learn about the subject by gaining new knowledge and sharing it with clients, in addition, the place is visited by many Emirati, thanks to that the local population increases their awareness on sustainable solutions and human impact on natural environment.



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